New Colombian Self-regulation System for Ethical and Responsible Commercial Communication in Place

On May 3, the presidents of ANDA and ANDI, together with the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, signed the constitution of the new system of self-regulation of commercial communication in Colombia.

Signing of the act of incorporation of the new Commission for Self-regulation of Commercial Communication in Colombia was carried out, led by the National Association of Advertisers (ANDA) and the National Association of Businessmen (ANDI) and endorsed by important authorities of the sector as the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

The different actors of the commercial communication industry, which in Colombia represent 0.4% of GDP, know their responsibility as advertisers, because this information is present, constantly, in the lives of all people.

For this reason, on behalf of its affiliated companies, ANDA and ANDI led a process that takes two years of work, based on global trends  to consolidate self-regulation of advertising in order to ensure responsible commercial communication .

In this regard, Bruce Mac Master, President of ANDI, expressed his pleasure to "participate in the constitution of the new Commission of Self-Regulation of Commercial Communication of Colombia. This has to be a country bet, that's why I invite other organizations and associations to join this initiative whose ultimate goal is the common good ".

With the signing of the act of constitution of this new independent body, advertisers are committed to the protection of consumers, but also their brands, their reputation and the value shared by their companies.

"Advertisers have identified a need to align existing codes and reform them according to the needs of the sector. This is how this system of selfregulation was born, which is also in line with international standards, "explains Elizabeth Melo, executive president of ANDA. In countries like England, this model of self-regulation is the norm and has led to important achievements, for example, the protection of minors against products not suitable for them and a more worthy use of the female image in advertising.

The purpose of this agreement is that the brands have a guide that sets clear rules, aimed at promoting good practices, and a responsible and transparent performance of brands against their consumers. But also, explains Melo, "this mechanism of self-regulation of commercial communication will act as a legal entity under private law and will be responsible to face the challenges that the construction and development of an increasingly responsible industry poses".

This way, the entity will be in charge of protecting the interests of consumers, but also of o actors of the industry, as well as preventing and resolving disputes that may eventually arise. "The task that lies ahead is to strengthen this ethical body and thus fulfill the mission that advertisers have set ourselves to generate a level of increasing confidence on the part of the consumer and can always provide truthful, legal, honest and loyal information ", Concludes Melo.

During his speech, Pablo Felipe Robledo, Superintendent of Industry and Commerce stressed that "the ambitious portfolio of services is in itself, a great novelty for self-regulation in Colombia and will put the Commission, in the near future, hopefully height of the most demanding international standards in the matter ".

He also added that for the Superintendency a serious, efficient and reliable system of self-regulation of commercial communication can achieve enormous benefits for authorities, consumers and other market agents.

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