Robert Madelin receives EASA’s “Best Practice Award” for his outstanding efforts to the development of effective self-regulation
Brussels, 19 September 2016

At EASA’s Executive Meeting, which took place on 15 September 2016, EASA members came together to honour Robert Madelin with a Best Practice Award for his outstanding efforts and dedication to the development and promotion of the role and practice of effective self-regulation.
Robert Madelin has been a British Civil Servant since 1979 and has served the European Commission since 1993, for example as Director General of DG CONNECT and Director General for Health and Consumer Policies.

In his time at the Commission, Mr. Madelin has promoted the idea that self- and co-regulation are complementary to hard regulation and are not exclusive alternatives. He believed that self-regulation can contribute to a future-proof, innovation-friendly and societally relevant policy mix, provided that it is well-done and effective. In this spirit, he has always encouraged industry to get involved and be part of the solution for the benefit of consumers, business and society.

For more than 12 years he has been in close contact with EASA and our members, supporting and encouraging us in our journey to foster a successful and efficient self-regulatory system in the field of advertising.
EASA’s Chairman, Stéphane Martin, said during his speech: “EASA and the advertising sector are extremely grateful to you, Robert, for helping us progress the goal of SMART and efficient regulation where effective self- and co-regulation has its rightful place and can be recognised for what it does and achieves.”

Mr Madelin answered that the gratitude was reciprocal because the journey described was only possible if there was a willingness to mutualise the risks involved in improving society. “I think, the willingness of the industry to take those risks is never to be assumed.” He continued: “Properly organised self- and co-regulation work faster and sometimes better and definitely more cheaply than mere law making. … It’s not all about regulation, a lot of it is about collective action.”
During his speech Mr Madelin also stressed that he really meant what he had published on 25 August on his LinkedIn Blog: “Since my early days in the then Department of Trade and Industry, and throughout my Commission service in matters Trade, Health and Digital, I have tried to maximise and accelerate the shared creation of the common good. If there is a default method
that I have tried again and again, it is "open collective voluntary action": sharing the definition and pursuit of a public interest goal between as many stakeholders as can be brought to contribute. Last year, the Commission adopted for the first time a clear set of guidelines on how to do this, but implementation is so far patchy. I am convinced that we can do better, if but only if everyone - citizens, civil society, corporations and institutions – will work together to build both mutual trust and collective resilience.”
As Mr. Madelin is leaving the European Commission this September, EASA wishes him the best luck in his new endeavours.



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