The Romanian Advertising Council (RAC) elected on Friday, December 15th, three representatives in the Board of Directors of the Association.

Oana Cociaşu, Managing Partner Medic One, representative of the Lowe Group in RAC, will continue to lead the Romanian Advertising Council for the next four years as President.

Mihaela Ungar, representative of KMG Rompetrol, will also contribute to the development of the work of the self-regulatory body as Vice-President.

Gerald Filip Flintoaca, PRISA representative in the RAC, will continue to support ethics in commercial communication as Board Member.

"I was pleasantly surprised by the plenary support of my colleagues; I know that this position is at the same time a great responsibility, an intense activity, but also a lot of satisfaction.

I will continue to develop the projects initiated with RAC, an association that now, at the age of 18, is mature and has the capacity to extend its actions to the next level. As RAC President, I intend to encourage collaboration with all members, to capitalize on the experience of the previous mandate, and build close links with our local and international partners and collaborators, "said Oana Cociaşu, RAC President for the next four years.

Holding over 18 years of experience in medical communication, Oana Cociaşu has successfully combined medicine with advertising. A well-known member of the local community of advertising, president of RAC (Romanian Advertising Council) since 2013 and winner of prestigious local and international awards earned as Lowe and Medic One expert, Oana has opened the way to developing the Medical Communications sector in the local market, or at the forefront of innovative approaches in this highly specialized area. Oana is a graduate of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, completing her specialization in advertising and medical communication in New York, Frankfurt and Vienna.

Following Friday's election as of December 15, the membership of RAC Board of Directors is as follows:

- Oana Cociaşu, RAC President / Managing Partner Medic One, Lowe Group Representative;

- Mihaela Ungar, RAC Vice President / KazMunayGas Rompetrol representative;

- Oltea Belciuganu, Treasurer, Member of RAC Board / CEC Bank representative;

- Ecaterina Şafarica, Member of the RAC Board of Directors / Procter & Gamble representative;

- Laurentiu Gheorghiu, Member of the RAC Board of Directors / PRO TV representative;

- Gerald Filip - Flintoaca, Member of the RAC Board / PRISA representative;

- Victor Dobre, Member of the RAC Board of Directors / IAA Romania Representative.

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Romanian Advertising Council or the Romanian Advertising Council (RAC) is a professional, non-governmental, non-profit and independent organization. RAC is a member of the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) and a founding member of the International Council for Advertising Standards (ICAS)

For more information about RAC: visit or contact the Secretariat at

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