New Meetings of the Technical Committee in February

09.02.2018Written by LAURA FRUNZETI

Dear Members, Technical Committees of RAC continue through February. RAC Secretariat kindly invites you to take part in the works of the Tehnical Committe that are scheduled fo start January 2018, Please confirm participation by email to: . For any further

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03.11.2017Written by LAURA FRUNZETI

RAC kindly invites its members to the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting that will take place on the 15 of December . Location: Hotel Novotel City Centre, Bordeaux Hall. The General Assembly will start at 10.00 AM. The agenda of the event shall be detailed by mail. Looking forward to meet you at the GA. RAC Secretariat

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07.11.2017Written by LAURA FRUNZETI

RESPONSIBLY ABOUT HEALTH, is the first campaign to educate Romanians about informed and responsible consumption of OTC, dietary supplements and personal care medical devices Initiated by RASCI (the Romanian Association of Prescription Drug Manufacturers, Food Supplements and Medical Devices), the campaign is backed by authorities,

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08.12.2017Written by LAURA FRUNZETI

Advertising and the Consumer Experience of Tomorrow: self-regulation ensuring responsible advertising in the digital age The event was held at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels and gathered over 100 participants, including representatives from the advertising industry, other trade associations,

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Minors` Protection in Advertising Annual Conference

15.09.2017Written by LAURA FRUNZETI

RAC invites members to: Minors` Protection in Advertising Annual Conference . The event will feature national and international speakers. Conor Murray, Director of EU Afairs, EGTA, will present the European overview on the subject. Moderator: Oana Cociasu, President of RAC. Principles of minors` protection in advertising

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RAC summer Workshops

28.09.2017Written by LAURA FRUNZETI

Dear Members, RAC invites you to participate to the Summer Workshops 2017. The Workshops will focus on the following subjects: f ood, food supplements, OTC advertising. Announcers as well as agencies are welcome. Dear Members, we kindly invite you to a workshop on OTC advertising best practices.. Speaker, Luminita Constantin,

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CAP UK sets new rules for HFSS food advertising as of 1 July

05.07.2017Written by LAURA FRUNZETI

Tough new rules banning ads for food and drinks high in fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) in children’s non-broadcast media come into effect on Saturday 1 July. The rules apply to media targeted at under-16s and will mean a major reduction in the number of ads children see for HFSS products. Following a full public consultation

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05.07.2017Written by LAURA FRUNZETI

2015 and 2016 were peak years for the media market investment over the last years, the evolution being meant to confirm the return to a stable growth. In 2016 the total market consolidated its upward trend by growing much more than the early predictions: 10% vs. 2015, up to 366 Mio Euro and it’s expected to keep the

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The European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) is celebrating its 25th anniversary

07.12.2017Written by LAURA FRUNZETI

EASA was officially launched in May 1992 with 15 SRO members from 13 European countries and has since become the single authoritative voice on advertising self-regulation, promoting high ethical standards in commercial communications, whilst continuously adapting to the social and technological evolution. We invite you

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N AC has published Instruction no 1 on application of the new Audiovisual Code

11.04.2017Written by LAURA FRUNZETI

On the 4 of April, CNA debated and approved the text of the Instruction no 1 /2017 on interpretation and application of Art 117 lit a)^1 , clarifying application of CNA Decision 220/2011, recently ammended by Decision no 63/2017 . By adoption of the Instruction no 1, as of 4 April 2017, the meaning of Art. 117 text, para

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