The General Assembly of Members of the Union of Associations The Advertising Council chose the
new Board of the organization and appointed two new arbitrators of the Advertising Ethics
On Thursday, June 28
this year
, the General Meeting of Members of the Association of
Councils, appointing
a new Board of the organization, decided to reduce its composition to 6 members
and to combine the function of the president of the board and the general director.
niew Gajewski
became the new chairman of the board, holding the post of general di
rector of UAAC since October 1
For 12 years, our organization has been proving to consumers and regulators that business is able to
act ethically and responsibly th
rough self
regulation. We want to do it continuously and constantly
increase our impact on the content of advertising messages in Poland. We need to reach new industries
and advertisers. New challenges are also associated with the digitization of marketing
Various competences and rich experience of new board members allow me to believe that we are able
to meet them. A lot of work awaits us, but we are optimists
announces Zbigniew Gajewski.
The Management Board also
: Marcin
Bogłowski, d
irector of the Research and
Development Department at T
VN Media; Iwona Jacaszek
Pruś, d
irector of corporate affairs at
Kompania Piwowarska SA and member of the company manag
ement team; Magdalena Osińska,
irector of the Legal Department in the
Polish Federation of Food Producers Employer Association;
Rajmund Tochwin, board member of Tarsago Media Group and Robert Wielgo, board member of the
Internet Industry Employers Association IAB Poland.
The General Meeting of the Association Members of the
Association of Advertising Council also
appointed two new arbitrators of the Advertising Ethics Commission. The 30
person group of experts
evaluating advertising messages was joined by: Natalia Suska, director of the analysis department at
Neurohm and Dr.
Jarosław Kończak, assistant professor at the Faculty of Journalism, Information and
Bibliology of the University of Warsaw.
Union of Associations The Advertising Council has been responsible for self
regulation in advertising
for over a decade. The activit
y of the relationship is based on the Code of Advertising Ethics, which
defines marketing communication standards. Advertising Council members are industry organizations
gathering advertisers,
media and advertising agencies
/media houses: Press Publishers C
hamber, SAR
Marketing Communication Association, IAA Poland. International Advertising Association, Polish SMB
Marketing Association, Association of Private Media Employers, Polish Federation of Food
Manufacturers Employers' Association, Polish Spirit Indu
stry, Association of Brewing Industry
Polish Breweries, Association of Internet Industry Employers Interactive Advertising
Bureau Poland, Association of Polish Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturers
Polbisco, National
Union of Juice Produc
ers, Polish Association of the Cosmetics and Detergent Industry, Polish Cosmetics
Industry Association. Signatories of the Code of Ethics Advertisements are advertisers,
media and
advertising agencies
/media houses.
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Zbigniew Gajewski
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Union of Associations Advertising Council
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